Northern California's premier dance band!
Bringing musical style, excellence and quality to your event

About Us

Northern California's Premier Dance Band!

Bringing musical style, excellence and quality to your event

We are live music experts, party starters, corporate event makers, casino entertainers and wedding enthusiasts. The band is both stylish and polished, bringing our exceptional sound to these songs. Our act features 5 seasoned professionals who deliver strong fronting vocals, impressive harmonies and exceptional musicianship. Each member brings their talent to the band in the way of exceptional stage performances and show experience. We pride ourselves on filling dance floors and creating a great experience for everyone. We know how to infuse every event with variety and fun.

Shaky Ground has developed a well-structured show which is tailored to each and every event. We are passionate about creating memorable events. Our group ensures every show is flawlessly executed, so you don’t have to stress over the details.

Our music gravitates toward funky, fun dance songs with a variety of influences. From a dinner set to a "get your groove on" dance set, Shaky Ground is the band that delivers.